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Got back super late last night... my layover flight got delayed by 2 hours so that was a steaming pile of doggie dookie. But anyway, here are a few pictures of the Behemoth setup at RTX, plus a bunch of t-rexes ordering pretzels:



Bored at the airport... Had to check out at 10am and our flight isn't until 5 so yeah... It's freaking boring. Eager to get home and work on more stuff this week


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Shoutout to the 9k lumpy headed weirdos who have played Frostfall! Or maybe the one dude who has played it 9000 times... Either way, you're the best :)


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OMG!! :0 @JPCarrillo16 made a gameplay video of Moonbright! I seriously cannot believe the overwhelming response these games have gotten, I am totally humbled and honored to have such amazing players. You guys are seriously the best PCs a virtual DM could ask for ;)


I'm going to be flying to Austin TX tomorrow at 6am for the Rooster Teeth convention, so if my posts are less frequent for the next few days, that's why. But when I get back I'll be back to work on more Crypt Shyfter!


The next game will be called Crypt Shyfter: Mon Magma, but I won't say more than that now ;)


Thanks again JPC for sharing your experience with the game!!


<3 KFSB  






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the official twine twitter account tweeted about Frostfall! so freaking pumped!!


Crypt Shyfter: Moonbright

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Click here to play!

YUP. More text adventure awesomeness! Become that little badass I know you are again ;)

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This one's for you guys! Thanks for helping make my first game such a great success- you're the best players a virtual DM could ask for :D


Yo! The beta for Moonbright is up now. Shoot me a message if you'd like to test the game- I'll add you to the credits once everything is set to go. I'm planning on posting the game July 5th, so jump in now if you wanna have enough time to play and get your name in the credits before it goes live to everyone else :D

I'll be posting my new text adventure Moonbright tonight for to beta testers. It's a much more complex game than Frostfall, so I'm sure there are errors.

A few things I'm looking for:

  • typos
  • weird code symbols that show up where they shouldn't, like {{ ]] << / , etc
  • broken links or ERROR messages
  • links that lead somewhere that makes no sense, or you get stuck in a loop and can't escape
  • if you buy something, pick up gold, or increase a stat, does that show up properly in your inventory?

​I've played through everything myself about a hundred times and done my own testing, so I'm fairly confident I caught most of the errors, but there are always things that slip through- i haven't been able to try every permutation of the game, so I'm betting something weird and unexpected will happen somewhere, triggered by some side quest you take as a certain class or race.

If you'd like to beta test my new game, please send me a message or let me know in the comments!

Beta testers will be credited- as a beta tester, the game will show up on your userpage under My Games- so if this game gets any awards, you get those awards too! Frostfall was frontpaged, got fantastic reviews, and won 3rd place daily- let's see if we can do better this time together!

<3 kfsb

I really thought it would take me a lot longer to make Moonbright since it's a much more complex game, but thanks to Frostfall it isn't taking nearly as long as I expected. I've mainly just had to write the story bits- almost all of the code was able to be transferred from Frostfall, so there have only been a few instances where I've needed to make totally new code.

The whole reason Frostfall took as long as it did was because I was both writing the story and learning the code, because I had no idea what Twine could do.

But now that I'm getting more comfortable it's just a matter of copying/pasting relevant bits of code from one game to the next. I wouldn't be surprised if Moonbright is finished this week :)

I've got all the "side endings" finished, so I'm just working on the grand finale ending now- basically, the ending you'd get to if you do all the side quests and all that stuff.

I'm even more excited to share this one than I was to share Frostfall! Moonbright is eeeeeepppiiiiiiiiiiiccccccc!!!