Games with art and music

2017-08-26 07:39:02 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian

I'm starting to work with some friends on a new adventure with art and music. I can't promise when that'll be done- likely not for a few months- but I'll still be making more of my usual text adventures all along the way.

But there is something being developed. Here's a test screenshot of what the game will look like, using some basic art I did. That won't be the final design but at least I know everything is doable in this format- it'll just take a bit longer than a text only game to make, so don't expect to see this anytime soon!

(Also, this game probably won't be the Silver Wolf game- I'm working on that one right now and it's going to be a text game- I was just playing around with some of the settings).



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