send me yer stuff, ye scurvy curs!

2017-08-21 16:32:17 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian

if any of you crazy lil badasses are making gameplay videos, fanart of your characters, or even your own crypt shyfter adventures in twine, please send them to me! don't be embarassed- i'll share them everywhere ;)

here's a brand new one by DarkartSoul on youtube! check out his channel here:



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2017-08-21 18:33:40

Wait, A new one has been made!? dang it im late everytime!!!

KungFuSpaceBarbarian responds:

Haha yes just posted it a few days ago! :D

Lemme know what ya think!!


2017-08-21 21:06:50

I started it. Got a save file and all that. Just busy with this friggin' blog entry. Trying to juggle it with work, the dogs (who won't quit bugging me for attention), and keeping up with my "one new drawing a day" goal to stop being shitty at art.

I'll eventually finish the game (probably) and leave a review (hopefully), but, uh, I won't promise... just in case, and such. Fun so far.

KungFuSpaceBarbarian responds:

Haha no worries! I know what it's like to have a dog who needs constant attention lol. Are these 1-a-day arts being posted somewhere or are they just for you? I don't see em on your NG page or your blog. Better not be holding out on me...


2017-08-21 22:13:52

On my private G+ and in my sketch pad. I have most in my Dumping Grounds as well. I take simple requests, too.