2017-08-03 13:58:10 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian

I dunno what the hell flonga is but this is pretty cool- another gameplay video! It's not on youtube, it's on tubia (wtf?) but you can watch this playthrough and they even embedded the game so you can play here too! http://www.flonga.com/play/crypt-shyfter-frostfall.htm​

I think my favorite part is this hilarious description of the game:

You! Yes, you! What is your name? Hmm, truly heroic indeed! You our brave hero, whether you stick to the shadows, use arcane fire to blast your enemies or like breaking them piece by piece with your bare hands, we need your help. Help us defeat the evil Crypt Shyfter, Lord of Snow and Storms. Help us and restore us the peace and sunshine and the calm weather we've waited for so long. You,the choice is yours. But should you choose to help us,, your name will be sung till the wold's end.

Play with your mouse. Read the choices carefully.​

​YOUR NAME WILL BE SUNG TILL THE WORLD'S END HOW FREAKING EPIC IS THAT HAHAHA I need this person to write all of my game summaries :D

You can also watch a walkthrough and play the game at this link too: https://www.crazygames.com/game/crypt-shyfter-frostfall​

Lots of people sharing that Crypt Shyfter love :D


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