halfway done with Frostfall

2017-06-19 07:38:08 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian

don't tell my boss, but when i have down time at work.... and i have a lot of down time at work.... i work on other shit.

like writing books, scripts, short stories, or, now... a game.

so this game thing has taken over my life and now i'm working on it non-stop. i'm about halfway finished with it, and i figure i can probably finish it up within the next two weeks by just jamming at work between filing reports and shit.

i'm really happy with how its turned out so far. i mean, as far as text adventures with amusing artwork goes, i dont think its too shabby. but i guess you will have to decide that for yourself when it's finished, fellow NG artist post reader.

here's one of the many cool items you'll be able to get in the game:


a fucking battle axe with a skull in it! you could chop a tank clean in half with this bad boy!

i'm not sure how beta testing works but i may need some beta testers soon. i do have a 100% complete demo version of the game finished but i dont wanna post that as a full game in the game portal and have two games that are basically the same, only one is half finished and the other is full finished...

so if you wanna beta test this thing shoot me a message and i'll send you a link and add you in the credits of the game when it gets posted.

i'm mainly in need of eyeballs to find any typos, weird code that shows up like "{ << ]]", broken links, weird things like "i picked up pizza but my inventory shows a magic rock", or any other weird shit like that.

the game relies on random dice rolls, so while ive been able to check through each section idividually, it'd be nearly impossible to play every permutation of the game myself, so the more clever eyes i can have ripping this game apart before i post it online and embarrass myself the better!


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2017-06-19 09:06:17

Meep, I'd like to.

KungFuSpaceBarbarian responds:

cool, thankee-sai! I sent you a request to test :]