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Posted by KungFuSpaceBarbarian - March 13th, 2017

Woah! Crypt Shyfter 23 got FRONTPAGED!! Thank you so much, Newgrounds! That’s my first Frontpaged video ever :D

If that’s not enough to get you all hot and bothered inside then I just don’t know what is ;)

I was feeling the excitement for animation slowly cooling down (I tend to go in cycles like that… you’ll notice there were a bunch of animations in late 2015/early 2016, then a loooong gap in the middle of 2016, and then another burst of (mostly) weekly animations that is going on now.

The end is in sight for Crypt Shyfter so that means new stories are on the horizon! I’ve got a bunch of ideas simmering around but I’ve narrowed it down to 3 main ideas I’d like to do next- I just need to pick one and focus on it. So I’m gunna lay ‘em out here, and if any of you guys have thoughts or preferences I’d love to hear what you’d like to see next. Otherwise I’ll just sift my way through ‘em and come up with a winner using the same arcane criteria I used to decide on Crypt Shyfter.

Prince Ashley and the Magical Crystal Quest- This is a story I’ve thought about animating for a very long time (3 or 4 years now actually), but it is another high fantasy adventure (though not an RPG thing like Crypt Shyfter). The story revolves around a lost prince raised as a barbarian wild child who learns of his royal destiny…. And rejects it. I’m least eager about this one at the moment only because I’m just finishing up Crypt Shyfter and this would have a very similar feel as far as fantasy settings and all that, so I don’t wanna seem like I’m just a one-trick pony. On the other hand, if ya’ll are super into swords and sorcerers and dragons and shit, I’m all for launching this bad boy next. I do love me some swords and sorcery.

Master of Jan’Dari- This would be a sword & planet adventure, sorta like A Princess of Mars or Almuric. A barbarian prince is banished across the stars by an evil vizier using juju magic. The barbarian wakes up on a mysterious alien planet and finds himself helping the primitive alien inhabitants fight in their intergalactic war against a more advanced alien empire. Clearly, I have a thing for barbarian princes. This would be based off the guy I drew in my profile picture- the KUNG FU SPACE BARBARIAN!! I am pretty excited about this one right now.

Hellslayer & Demonsbane: Twin Pistols of Righteous Destruction- I like ridiculous titles, what can I say? This last idea is a weird western tale about a remote frontier town under siege by demons. It’s very much like Diablo, with a strange evil sealed away in the catacombs beneath the town and weird occult shit happening. Except there are also cowboys. I’m also really excited about this one.

Of the 3 ideas, Jan’Dari and Hellslayer are the two I’m most excited about, but I can’t decide between them. I have awesome ideas for both, and I’d like to animate all of these stories at some point, I just need to decide which one to do first. So if you’ve got an opinion on the matter, let me know! High fantasy, sword & planet, or weird western… what will be next for KFSB?


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Frontpaged and evrythang! Congratchumalations, KuFuSpaBa!

Of the three, I'd choose H&D, cause I like the idea of cowboys and Diablo, though I'm not opposed to Jan'Dari, either. Have you decided on an art style for the next series?

I have not yet... I might stick with paper cutout if that's going to be my "style" but I haven't decided yet. I don't know much about other kinds of animation other than the sorta flash style I used for spaghetti sauce blackbelts so anything other than those two styles I would need to learn from scratch (which I'm not totally opposed to, but the more time I spend on technical stuff, the less time I can spend making stories). Oh the quandaries...

There. I'm all caught up for the next episode of Cardboard Crusaders. I'm not very good at sticking to a movie marathon, but considering the length of each episode, that was one even I could accomplish. If I get bored, I'll go back and watch your other stuff. If you wish for comments, I could try to pull a few out of my proverbial ass for future videos, or provide an overall impression here or through PMs, or whatever you wish. I celebrated my birthday early with a plate of hot dogs and Checkers brand fries and washed that down with a bottle of cream soda. I rarely drink soda nowadays (drank too much of it as a child), but the snow didn't stick, everyone showed up to work, so I wasn't stuck alone (as I was fearing), and I watched a whole buncha Crypt Shitters, so why not top off the day with America junk food and delicious sugar liquid, right?

How the fuck is are am you doin' doing is at this moment, KuFuSpaBa? Is everything, as dad would say, "groovy like a Hollywood movie?"

I'm doing well Mr Phobia thanks for asking. Hope you enjoyed those little shitters! Your bday isn't until tomorrow, I haven't forgotten! I was sorta snowed in today so I got to work from home, then I watched Jurassic World with my lady and had some wine. We were in the mood for dinosaurs since we saw the dinosaur exhibit at the Franklin Institute last week. I also did some audio editing for Crypt Shyfter today so the next episode is moving along nicely!

Your lady? You mean your hot wife? The Jurassic Park films are all terrible. The first one had that newness to it that got everyone's attention, but there was no charm left after that. Stuff with dinosaurs... Dinosaucers had a strong 80s vibe to it that I enjoyed as a kid... um, Denver the Last Dinosaur has an unforgettable opening theme to an otherwise completely forgettable series... uh, and, of course, the puppet sitcom Dinosaurs. Dinosaur Office isn't half bad, either. Should I look for other dinosaur stuff that doesn't involve a muffin-obsessed moderator?

Land Before Time?

How the ever-loving fuck did I forget that one?
I still remember having those rubber hand puppets from Pizza Hut, too.