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The Pit

Posted by KungFuSpaceBarbarian - March 10th, 2017

There will be a new episode of Crypt Shyfter this weekend! Episode 23: The Pit. I'm about halfway finished at the moment but should have it all wrapped up by tomorrow. 

Special thanks to @Phronemophobia for keeping me honest :)

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You're the DM for that little series. You couldn't just get up and walk away in the middle of it, after all. They need you to tell them the story they're experiencing. You're their creator.

I'm trying to think of a birthday gift for myself (I typically buy my own cake and a gift each year). I've thought about a DAW, but I spend most of my free time either playing video games or blogging about them, and the rest of it is wasted on sleeping off work's fatigue. I thought about a mic for doing voice acting in case a Favorite/Friend on my list was ever extremely desperate for shit-poor vocals from a no-nothing individual, but I question how much effort I'd be willing to put into actually learning to properly use the thing, plus I don't socialize well outside of a two-person conversation. I'd buy myself a video game, but I have too much as it is, along with promises to buy copies of stuff from other NG artists attempting to add their creations to Steam and a small selection of Kickstarter games that are all nearing completion. I'm trying to think of other ideas, but I'm drawing a blank. My life is a fairly simple one, so it's a challenge for me to come up with a great way to splurge on myself once a year.


Working on part two of The Pit, or are you taking a small break to squeeze in another round of D&D first to help think up a proper script for episode 24?

Haha yeah I don't spend much on myself either. I use CS4 student edition from like 9 years ago for my animation lol. They passed CS6 and now everything is cloud based but I just never upgraded cuz I'm a frugal dude.

Any video game suggestions I have I'm sure you've played. My favorites are Diablo, Skyrim, Halo, Final Fantasy, StarCraft, and the original Pokemon games.

I will be posting episode 24 next weekend, it's recorded already so I just need to finish up the animation. The rest of the series is written so I'll probably have a big recording session either tomorrow or Tuesday night to record a few more episodes. I'm gonna try to stick to the weekly schedule until the series is finished and then I'll take a little break. I do have some half baked ideas for new short series but nothing solid yet. I think a sword & planet adventure in the vein of Princess of Mars would be cool but I need to figure out if I'm sticking to paper cutout animation or trying something new. And if that's the case it might take a little longer while I figure out how to animate. So we'll see!

Happy birthday BTW!!

Birthday is Wednesday, actually. Trying to plan it now. Snow is suppose to hit this area tomorrow evening, because... of course it will. I don't know what a CS6 student edition is exactly. Is it expensive?

I have never played Halo or Skyrim. I've been told Skyrim will take forever to fully enjoy, and I rather play a dozen other games for that amount of time. I don't find Halo to be very appealing, but that's a personal thing. I already plan to tackle FF9 this year. I'll probably blog about it, too, since that's what I did for Final Fantasy 3 through 6. I had played 1, 2, 7, 8, and 10 before I started blogging, but I'll do my damnedest to get the rest covered if and when I complete them. I still need to play the third part of Starcraft 2, but if I log onto b.net to do so, someone from my old WoW guild will see me and likely guilt me back into the MMO, and I really don't want to play that game ever again, even if it's for the sake of my old guildmates.

LMAO! Tough one with the guild, I know MMOs can totally take over your life once you get sucked in. Skyrim is a lot like that except only single player. If that ever became co op.... I think that would be the rest of my life right there.

Ever play Star Wars knights of the old republic or jade empire? Both RPGs by bioware that were super awesome if you're into that type of game.

CS4 was a bundle of programs like Photoshop, adobe premiere pro, after effects, and a few other programs. Creative suite is the CS part. I got it in college as a "student edition." I'm not sure what the difference is between student edition and regular because I never ran into any limitations with it, but it was $400 at the time. It came with two copies, so me and my best friend bought it together and paid 200 each and both took one copy. Best purchase I have ever made- all the animations on NG plus almost every live action video I posted on YouTube was edited with it. Before that I had pinnacle studios and before THAT I had Lego studios lol. Both solid editing programs but CS4 let me animate and add special effects like explosions and light sabers which was badass.

I'm not sure if they sell it anymore but I would assume it is cheaper now since its way outdated. Pinnacle studios was great for pure video editing and that was only $30.

I would love to hear your thoughts on FF1! I loved everything about it except the insane number of random battles. I seem to remember being impressed with the little story and twists for such an old game, and also loved the villains- the Lich, kraken, Tiamat, and marilith. Freaking awesome boss battles. The Astos/elf prince plot line was cool as well, and of course the time travel battle with chaos was awesome. I hadn't leveled up my characters enough to beat him so I had to replay that fight about 50 times because there was no way in hell I was going to walk back through that dungeon and fight all those random battles again just to hear him taunt me one last time. I was so happy when I finally beat him, totally made it all worth it.

I would have to go back and replay Final Fantasy to recall everything about it for a proper blog, though I don't believe there was a whole lot to it. Turning everything into an RPG was the trend at that time, thanks to the success of Dragon Quest, so everything had to have RPG elements to it, including racing, baseball, sumo wrestling, and pachinko, which tried to call itself the "American Dream."Square didn't just ride that wave of profit though, because I had never played a game with that kind of twist to its story. DQ was straightforward stuff. See bad guy. Journey to bad guy. Kill bad guy. That was the major selling point for FF. It mindfucked the player back when games were really simple and marketed heavily towards children.

The characters were not distinct in any way, so minimal attachment was to be expected, and gameplay, though aesthetically different from DQ, was still a grindfest, because padding a game was also a major trend back then.

As far as beating the game goes, did you beat a Warmech? Did you try to beat the game using four white mages? Have you tried to play FF2? It's a far different experience, but I consider its story to be considerably more impressive than what came out of the next two sequels, which managed to be more enjoyable mechanically, at least.

I never encountered warmech in my play through but I would have definitely got killed if I had. I think my party was warrior, blackbelt, red Mage and black Mage when I played. That made it hard because I didn't really have a dedicated healer.. Would definitely play it differently now, blackbelt was pretty useless.

I did play FF2 and beat that as well. Also enjoyed it but it was a little weird with the combat. You got stronger by getting hit so whenever I fought wimpy monsters I made my characters beat each other up and then heal each other to level up their magic and toughness. Kinda cheating I guess... There was a cool epilogue that you could play through with the dead characters too that was pretty interesting.

Ah, then you played Dawn of Souls on the GBA (or PSP or smartphone, but I own neither) with the Soul of Rebirth quest! Using the dead afterwards wasn't available in the original game, but very much welcomed with the remake. I like Josef.

Yeah, the leveling system for that game irritated a lot of people. I played it straight, it was a fairly standard experience for me, but with a much stronger reason to care about the characters and their tale than what I suffered through with 3 and 4. 5 wasn't half bad, though it embraced grinding twofold with separate level ups for experience and ability points. FF6 was flat out amazing. Only Chrono Trigger tops it, with exception to the final boss, of course. Lavos is intimidating throughout, but lacks any depth. Kefka is arguably one of the most charismatic villains in all of video games.

Yep! Played FF1, 2, and (working on) 3 on ipad. Got into a retrogaming kick for a while after reading Ready Player One last year and thought it was pretty awesome that ipad had all these old games on it because i can take it to work and play during my lunch breaks and on the train.

I haven't made it to any of the final fantasy's past 3 yet but i've really enjoyed em all so far. poor josef getting smushed by a boulder...

chrono trigger is also on my list of games to play next, but i still have a pretty sizable backlog.... gotta finish witcher 3 the neverending cutscene, mass effect trilogy, baldur's gate, FF3, titan's quest, and banner saga 2. i think that's all of em for now, but i keep getting distracted by shiny new games every other month or so and i'm not playing through my backlog fast enough. work takes up most of my time so when i come home, relaxing/playing video games/RPGs/watching movies/animating all get lumped into that same small time slot of free time and they all fight for attention.

if only i didn't have to spend 8 hours a day at an office.... this barbarian is just begging to be uncaged :p

If you're bored and/or interested:

http://amaregood.blogspot.com/2006/07/ff4-worst-in-series.html is from 2006, so the whole thing is old and shitty and ranty and shitty and old.
http://amaregood.blogspot.com/2013/10/did-i-just-play-iv-again.html a few years ago, and I was also a bit upset by what I had played, but the whole thing reads better than the previous entry.
http://amaregood.blogspot.com/2016/06/i-finally-fantasied-5-6.html just under a year ago, and I put a lot of effort into that hot mess.

hahah the FF3 one gave me a good chuckle :D

i haven't gotten to the other games in the series yet so i'll have to re-read your posts on the later games once i play them :)

the grind is definitely the worst part of the games for me so far.. it's really frustrating as a string of random overpowered un-escapable encounters on your way back to town can just wipe your party and set you back to square one. almost enough to make you wanna put down the game and not pick it back up again