Let's get things kicked off right!

2017-01-01 08:48:29 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian

Here we go 2017!

To kick off the New Year we're starting fresh with a brand new video! My first official Newgrounds animation of 2017 is the grand finale of the Crypt Shyfter season 1 story arc- Episode 17: Ragnarok. Check it out, it's under judgement so help decide its fate!

Also, to anyone elected as a Newgrounds monthly voter out there, Episodes 11 and 13 are nominees for the monthly voting award- if you haven't watched them before casting your votes, give 'em a shot ;) I'd love to see one of 'em in someone's top 10!

Happy New Year!!



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2017-01-01 19:09:00

wow, you make these fast

KungFuSpaceBarbarian responds:

Yeah they're pretty easy to make once the characters are created and now I'm in a groove where I just animate for a few hours each day so I can get em out pretty quick. I like telling stories more than animating so that's the most fun part for me