Final tally...

2016-12-31 16:41:40 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian

It's official- my last video of 2016 has been posted, and the numbers are in!

Final tally:

  • 27 animations posted
  • 28 animations created- next one won't be out until tomorrow but it's finished!
  • 3 trophies- daily 5th, 3rd, and 2nd (I think I can safely say the newest one won't be winning a trophy given the number of incredible submissions today)

Overall not too shabby! Looking forward to 2017. Hoping to double the number of animations posted and let's say triple the number of trophies. Doable? I think so. You can hold me to it if I fuck up ;)

2017 lets gooooooooo!!!


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2016-12-31 16:44:27

Let's hope things get better with us... and that good celebrities don't die as much