Some new changes

2016-12-15 21:46:27 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian


What's good dudes and dudettes? Just wanted to announce a few little changes to this page. Crypt Shyfter has been posting (mostly) on Mondays up until now, but I'm going to be switching posting days to Sundays for future episodes, since that works better for my schedule.

Also, I won't be posting the episodes anywhere else from here on out- no Youtube or Vimeo or anything. That's right- Crypt Shyfter is now a Newgrounds exclusive series, so I'll trying to drive as much traffic to NG with this series as possible. Any links to the video I post will bring people to Newgrounds instead of Youtube.

Also, my buddy Kale (a co-founder of Platypus Underground) is starting to get involved with Crypt Shyfter now. He'll be coming on as a writer. He's a lot funnier than me, and he'll be stepping in around episode 19 (the first 18 episodes are already written along with an outline for the next 20 or so).

So the show will continue to evolve and hopefully improve throughout 2017 :)

Hope you guys stick around for a bit cuz we're just getting warmed up!



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2016-12-15 22:02:50

Just make sure to check on YT, in case other people might try to take your content and post it on there for you. Then, Google will have that stolen video take top spot on the search listings, rather than from its actual creator on NG. They'll do it, too! YT and Google are run by JudoSeaKnights. Ask anyone!

KungFuSpaceBarbarian responds:

that would suck! i'll keep an eye on it, thanks!


2016-12-15 22:11:28

Bring a lightning axe bazooka with you when you confront them, too. It's their one weakness.

KungFuSpaceBarbarian responds:

Shit dude I'm all out of lightning axe bazookas! What about a fire brand machete?? Would that help?


2016-12-15 22:28:06

Good heavens, no! What is good is fire against Sea Knights? And a machete? It lacks the "oomph!" needed to break through that tough knightly armor. At least the lightning will course through it and cook the sorry, thieving bastards. Besides, why waste perfectly good barbarian strength on a one-handed, fat, wannabe-sword knife? That's just silly.

KungFuSpaceBarbarian responds:

You underestimate my barbarian strength friend!