1. Pokemon

2016-12-07 10:51:48 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian

A quick recap of my top 5 favorite video games (you can find details about the others in the previous posts):

5. StarCraft

4. Skyrim

3. Diablo

2. Halo

And finally, coming in at #1…

Pokemon Red and Blue!

Oh man... I haven't played those games in years but Pokemon was my entire childhood. Literally everyone I knew played Pokemon, had link cables to battle each other, and traded cards that they kept in huge binders, some sorted by color, others sorted by number.

That game was total immersion on a worldwide scale. I remember the anger and resentment we all felt when Gameboys and trading cards got banned from our school district because of Pokemon. Before it got massively popular we were still allowed to play during recess but then it became too disruptive.

Damn.. I gotta play those games again. All those badges, rumors of Mew beneath the truck by SS Anne, naming Gary buttface or fartboy, saving your game right before you fought the legendary birds and then shouting when you accidentally killed them by doing a little too much damage before you could catch them, getting pissed at the idiot trainers who traded you Pokemon named Miles and Ricky that you couldn't rename... good times.

That’s a wrap on my top 5 video games of all time. So, what games are in your top 5? Do we have any matches? Let me know!


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2016-12-07 13:11:34

Idk i dun play videogames that much.
But i like undertale

KungFuSpaceBarbarian responds:

I never played that but I'll have to check it out! There must be something good about it if you enjoyed it and you don't play many games :D


2016-12-07 13:56:01

I play some flash games, but not that much videogames.