YouTube account terminated..??

2016-12-05 13:50:40 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian

So… yeah. That happened. My phone blew up with all these emails from Google saying my account was temporarily suspended today, totally out of the blue. I had to re-sign in to activate my account, but my YouTube channel says it has been terminated due to a “violation of terms of service.”

I thought it was a spam email at first trying to get me to click a link and steal my info, but I tried accessing my account through my phone and PC and the channel is GONE.

I haven’t received any prior warnings or notifications and all the music I use is royalty free and attributed to Kevin MacLeod, as I’ve been doing on YouTube for the last 8 or 9 years on my channels…

Never had a problem before. I emailed Google to see what’s up. Hopefully they can let me know what went wrong and restore the account.

If not… guess that means I’m Newgrounds exclusive lol.

I’ll keep you posted if Google emails me back.

[edit] I think the funniest part in all this is when I checked this morning, my YT account only had 20 views total across all my videos. Seems like it wouldn't even be worth their time to bother with an account like that, but what do I know...

[edit 2] no response from Google, but it looks like my account has been restored. All my videos are accounted for, but monetization has been disabled on my channel. So that's annoying... hopefully Google will let me know what's going on.


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