10 episodes of Crypt Shyfter! Time to get all sentimental...

2016-12-05 07:31:24 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian

Damn, I can't believe I made 10 of these things already! I'm just having too much fun :D

I started Crypt Shyfter as just a one-off project because I was bored one day. It wasn't even called Crypt Shyfter and wasn't meant to continue on, it was just a goofy short called "Dungeons and Dragon Kings."

It wasn't my best animation but when I finished it and watched the full video there was just something a little extra to it that I couldn't quite put my finger on.

But Crypt Shyfter sucked me in just like Telbir, Grandor, Hamholt, and Rick got sucked into the game, and suddenly I was making a part 2, then part 3, and now we're up to 10 episodes!

The series won't go on too much longer; I've got 15 episodes total written and recorded, and the story is quickly drawing to a dramatic climactic ending. There will maybe be 20 episodes once all's said and done.

Crypt Shyfter has been good to me- it's filled the gap that was left when my D&D campaign ended and the group split up. I would play D&D every day forever, but it's damn hard to find other folks with that same ravenous enthusiasm.

But Crypt Shyfter filled that little void pretty nicely, and Grandor never looks at his iPhone and mostly stays in character, so that's even better!

Anyway, I hope you've been enjoying the story so far- I've had a hell of a lot of fun creating these quirky little episodes.

We're about halfway done here, so I hope to see you at the finish line!



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