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modding skyrim

Posted by kungfuspacebarbarian - 3 weeks ago

Ah, Skyrim.... my favorite game of all time. This bad boy was in my top 4 for a while, then I discovered mods last year and it quickly jumped to the #1 spot. If only the combat were a little slicker, this would be the perfect game for me.

Anyway, I've been playing with new mods for the past month and FINALLY got a stable build I love (lots of trial and error, lots of crashing, and lots of restarting midway through to fix janky mods and meshes). I threw on a bunch of slick graphics mods and took some screenshots. I'll include my mod list at the bottom for anyone still playing Skyrim ;)







A few notes:

1. I'm using Oldrim w/ all expansions, not SSE. Idk if all mods are compatible with SSE or not, but I think most have been ported over.

2. My build is almost all graphics enhancements, aside from the obvious patches and bug fixes. I don't play with add-on mods like new weapons or quests, but you can totally add those to this if you want. I've also found that script heavy mods, like adding extra battles, more enemies, etc can cause some nasty bugs later on in the game, so I took all of those out. Everything below is 100% what my build looks like.

3. I've lumped everything into categories in case you're looking to pick and choose things. Load order does matter for some of these mods, so do some research if you're not familiar with modding, otherwise you'll end up with startup crashes, texture issues, or other bad side effects. Under each section, I've listed everything in the order I use and it has been stable for me so far. Make sure to read all the notes on installing mods in case you're running anything that conflicts with the ones below. **Take special care with the character enhancements. Installing these in the wrong order will result in hideous effects, like characters with colorless faces (or no faces) and red skin, or grey faces and white skin**

4. Some of the body mods are NSFW. Use discretion

5. I use Nexus Mod Manager/Vortex. Aside from the ENB, all of these should be a simple "click to download." I haven't changed anything manually in my files, I'm only loading the mods I want and putting them in a working order. Changing files in your Skyrim folder will most likely result in you needing to re-install Skyrim if you don't know what you're doing.... I've had to re-install like 10 times in the past couple weeks....



Beautification of Skyrim ENB + Climates of Tamriel. You need these to get the pretty colors



Patches, bug fixes, etc

Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition patch



Fix Lip Sync

Climates of Tamriel Weather Patch

Realistic Melee Range



Gameplay adjustments (personal preference)

Quick Loot- speeds up the looting process by 100000. I can't play without this

Sovngarde font replacer- looks more like fantasy text than the font in vanilla. A small tweak with a surprisingly big effect

Quick Start- skip the opening sequence & dungeon

Face to face conversations- makes all conversations in close up mode. Highly recommended

Better jumping- lets you jump while sprinting. I'm tempted to put this in bug fixes because it's such an obvious thing to have...

Quality World Map



Characters, NPCs, models, etc

Total Character Makeover

UNP Female Body

Pandorables NPCs

Ordinary Women

Consistent Older People

Males of Skyrim (and USLEEP replacer)

Skysight Skins

Bijin Warmaidens

Bijin NPCs

Bijin Wives

Bijin Skin UNP


Superior Lore Friendly Hair

Seductive Lips

Eyes of Beauty

Smile in HD



Environmental changes/enhancements

JKs Skyrim all in one- huge overhaul of the cities/towns

The Ruins- adds cool old ruins and statues to Skyrim

Immersive fallen trees

Osmodius Texture Pack

Skyrim Bridges- adds and enhances bridges

Mythical Tundra

Skyrim Flora Overhaul- better grass and trees

Verdant- better grass

Forts of Skyrim

Realistic Water 2

Watercolor for ENB

Real Roads

HD reflections for armor

Nordic Ruins

Rudy HQ Nordic Ruins

Ultimate HD Fire Effects

Lean Wolf's Better Shaped Weapons

Natural Aspen Recolor


*Make sure to endorse the mods you like!

(I'll update the other links soon)