Entry #172

Who else failed their New Years resolution already?

2018-01-08 16:03:09 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian

I certainly did.

This barbarian isn’t a cave dweller. He needs sunshine and pizza parties and fellow badasses to share in the fun with. Plus the village hermit had already taken the nicest cave and he didn’t want me in there because I smell bad.

What can I say? I’m a barbarian.

Okay, I didn’t totally fail. I’m off all the other social media hoo-hahs except twitter, and that’s only to check in every couple days to peek at notifications.

But I just can’t stay away from NG. It’s my internet home!

So I guess I’m not as gone as I tried to be. But I’m still going to try to limit myself and not be connected 24/7. I guess my responses may be delayed if I’m just checking in once or twice a day, but I’ll still be here to respond.

But the absence wasn’t without news. We did play a real-time Crypt Shyfter adventure on the discord channel a few days ago, which was super cool. I got to DM for 3 of my favorite badasses. They went on a quest to find water for their desert town and ended up running away from a baby dragon. Good shit!

Also, if you’re not following along on my website, you may have missed the updates about the newest game. I know Dreadnaughts was a big favorite for a lot of you guys- it certainly got the biggest PM reaction of all the games, and lots of comments on the adventure itself. Anyway I got a message a couple weeks ago asking for a Dreadnaughts prequel, so this month’s adventure will be exactly that.

@mogy64 created an awesome cover featuring Lord Hawk, so get your sphincters ready for some more robot dick action!!

I couldn’t come up with a cool short title like Dreadnaughts or Vortex, so I went with a super long title instead. Crypt Shyfter: Legend of Silver Wolf, Master of the Grey Blade.

I feel like that gives it a very kung fu feel, like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or Legend of the Drunken Master or House of Flying Daggers.

So that’s that. What kind of pea-brained barbarian can’t keep a simple New Years resolution for more than a week? BAH! Weak and pathetic. Crom would banish me from his kingdoms, but I suppose that’s all right since Shergblatt would gladly take me in. She’s not too picky about her followers.



I just realized I never really talked about my future plans here. I've mentioned it on my website, but I'll repost the important bits here:

I sorta fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to this stuff, so I can’t promise anything other than a new adventure every so often. But I do have some goals I’d like to hit this year.

Mainly, I’d like to wrap up the “kungfuspacebarbarian” saga that started with Exile. This will likely take up most of the year, but once that story arc is wrapped up I’ll be able to move back into unrelated one-shots that can take place in the classic fantasy realms of the first few games, in kung fu land, or in outer space (basically whatever catches my imagination at the time).

It’s tough to keep a long story going, and even tougher to keep it interesting all the way through, so I hope I don’t lose the threads on this series. If you’re keeping tabs, here’s the current projected order of the games:

  1. Exile (released)
  2. Colossus (released)
  3. Rebellion (released)
  4. Atomic Angel (Feb 2018)
  5. Titanium Phantom (March 2018)
  6. Oathbreaker (April 2018)
  7. Abandoned Universe (May 2018)
  8. Photon’s Fury (June 2018)
  9. Starwisp (July 2018)
  10. Outlaw (August 2018)
  11. Rise of Skagg (September 2018)
  12. Infinity (October 2018)

That should wrap up the “main” series. The titles listed above are the adventures that will definitely fall into place. That doesn’t mean the order is 100% right, or that I won’t add new games in between there, but as of right now that’s the direction we’re heading.

Of course I won’t be ending Crypt Shyfter after that, just that particular story arc. I may tackle new story arcs with you as a barbarian, or focus on one-shots like Frostfall and Moonbright, or even try to do one really long game.

I’ve toyed with the idea of an “open world” game before, one that’s less story driven and more open to exploration, but I never finished it. I think I have a solid base for a game like that now, but whether or not that ever gets made… we’ll see.

Some other things on the horizon? I'd like to do some Crypt Shyfter books down the line, like Fighting Fantasy. Then you can create character sheets and roll dice IRL while you read through books and look at pretty pictures. That'd be pretty rad.

I also have plans for a Crypt Shyfter tabletop game/campaign guide. It would be a rules light system based on the World of Dungeons rules, but the main focus of the book would be on world lore and adventure hooks as opposed to game mechanics. Honestly the rules would probably be 2-3 pages with an assumption that you're familiar with tabletop games and the rest of the book would be the real meat and potatoes.

That way you could easily drop a 5e game or Pathfinder game into the Crypt Shyfter universe without needing to learn a new system or convince your group to switch from whatever you're currently playing. I'm slowly compiling notes for that but I wouldn't expect it to be done anytime soon.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for Crypt Shyfter: Legend of Silver Wolf, Master of the Grey Blade later this month! 


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2018-01-08 18:11:29

I failed to keep my resolution after the first day! xD

KungFuSpaceBarbarian responds:

glad to hear it! you can share some of my fail pizza if you want. it tastes like unicorn teardrops and broken dreams, but its not bad if you heat it up in the toaster oven


2018-01-08 19:04:14

pea-brained barbarians for life, my dude

KungFuSpaceBarbarian responds:

Fuck yeah ;)


2018-01-08 23:44:19

This is the exact reason I'm not making any resolutions.

KungFuSpaceBarbarian responds:

We can all fail together! Year after year and we will never learn :p


2018-01-10 10:06:15

Yes, this is a late reply, but I didn't actually plan on having one.

I'm okay with who I am already.

KungFuSpaceBarbarian responds:

Always room for improvement ;)


2018-01-10 13:37:24

My resolution was to buy one of those gingerbread loaves when they were reduced in price, because I knew I wouldn't see them again until the end of this year. I succeeded and then some! There were plenty this go around, so they were only a buck each, and I nabbed three. Success!

Your resolution was detrimental to promoting your games. Trying to cut back on empty social media is one thing, but as far as NG goes, it works in a creator's favor to be as social and approachable as possible.

KungFuSpaceBarbarian responds:

I totally get where you're coming from. I wasn't thinking about it from that point of view, rather from a mental health perspective. Checking obsessively and tying my emotions to little red check marks. I just need to find a better balance than I am used to. Become one with the Force or something ;)