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Crypt Shyfter: Exile - Top 5 of November!

2017-12-07 18:22:57 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian


Super cool! Thank you so much to everyone who voted! I'll do my best to make sure these games stay as badass as possible ;)

Speaking of which, Crypt Shyfter: Starwisp will be posted very soon. And yes, there's a sex scene this time. (Pervs) If you're an email subscriber, you already got the early access link. If you're NOT an email subscriber, you should sign up and get onboard!

Some other fun news:

I started a new page on my website called "Tribal Tributes" which features Crypt Shyfter related work that people have submitted to me. There are songs, short stories, gameplay videos, and just today I got my first fanart!

Check out this cool rendition of the Kung Fu Space Barbarian! @LordMcFartNuggets created it using Heromachine:


If you want to create your own version of your Crypt Shyfter character, go visit the site and try it for yourself! Send your characters my way and I'll share them on my website :)

(Just don't post them on the NG art portal, heromachine art will get removed automatically) If you create your own original art though, definitely share it on the art portal!


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2017-12-07 18:46:11

Hi. Thought I might say "Hi". Yes, I made that art myself, with the Heromachine 3 engine. I can always take free commissions. Just message me!

KungFuSpaceBarbarian responds:

Who can turn down an offer for free commissions? I totally want a tribe of barbarians :)


2017-12-07 19:07:47

It will be cool. I will definitely have to handdraw it, sadly. Will still look epic. Expect it around New Years day.

KungFuSpaceBarbarian responds:

That would be amazing XD