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IIITesTerIII Crypt Shyfter short story

2017-12-05 07:19:37 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian

@IIITesTerIII sent this short little Crypt Shyfter adventure my way and I wanted to share it! I've also seen a few Crypt Shyfter works-in-progress games from a couple other folks on here but they're not finished yet, so I'll hold off on sharing them.

If you're doing any Crypt Shyfter stories, games, or art, please send them my way and I'll share them here!

>... the winter has arrived upon your home land, beautiful, sparkling snowflakes are floating in the sky... everything seems so peaceful. You decided to just simply go to your hut and chill out for a bit. You're still a poor farmer, living in this god-forsaken, ice cold hut. "Dang, I shouldn't have spent all of my money on this stupid microwave, now I'm freezing here to death.." you thought to yourself. Then, you start starring at your golden microwave. Even though it seemed like you wouldn't find any good use for it, you still felt like it would prove itself useful in the upcoming future, but then...

You feel a huge earthquake. You freak out, drop your chips on the ground from anxiety and look outside. The sky's turned red, and all the citizens are running away in panic. One of them approaches you, and starts screaming "RUN AWAAAYY!! THEY ARE EVERYWH..." but before he even manages to finish off his words, he gets shot in the back with a heavy riffle, and dies. You take a look at the wound, and see a silver fidget spinner. "Oh no, all, but not this..." you said to yourself. You quickly enter your hut again and take your microwave with you. "This'll help me roast the sh*t out of those bastards..."

Upon reaching the borders of the kingdom, you start seing more and more corpses on the ground, all of them met the same fate... This truly shocks you, and you quickly make yourself a nice, little toast to relax. As soon as you close your eyes from the enjoyment of its taste, you hear gun sounds and open your eyes quickly, and then you see a huge circle of soldiers equiped with heavy riffles around you. Now you know exactly, how badly you screwed up, but in a nick of time, before you get shot, a heavenly light appears from the sky, and then you ascend, upwards, to the god... or maybe even some more aliens, who knows...<


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2017-12-06 10:33:24

Cool... and 2 crazzyyy at the same time xD >_

KungFuSpaceBarbarian responds:

i always drop my chips. it's hard to eat them with a laser cannon hand