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Holy shnikeys guys we're about to hit 20 episodes of Crypt Shyfter! Thank you so much to everyone who's been commenting and reviewing the videos, I really appreciate all your support! It seriously keeps me going when I feel like giving up.

I hope I can keep the show going strong and making it better as we get into the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond!

Also had a great time playing D&D last week with a bunch of NG folks, that was super awesome! Special shout out to @Alexander the DM for organizing it. I had so much fun and hope we can all play again soon!

So many pixies

2017-01-16 09:14:10 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian

Crypt Shyfter 19 is online now: 


Some nasty chicken noodle soup eating pixies in this strange episode.

Rendering! Yay...

2017-01-15 10:55:00 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian

Crypt Shyfter 19 will be online at some point! If not today then early tomorrow. I'm dealing with the consequences of procrastinating... the deadly rendering stage!

Rendering used to take maybe 10-20 minutes per episode but I think something is wrong with my computer or the program. Rendering now takes up to 12 hours. Something really wrong there, considering the episodes are all less than 5 mins and the file size is pretty damn small.

But the episode will be online, it just may be a little late ;)

Yo homies it's ya boi Kung Fu Space Barbarian comin' atcha with another sweet vid! Make sure to subscribe, follow, and SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!!!

Oh jeez. If I ever say anything like that....

....and am being serious....

....please place the nearest battle axe squarely in the center of my head. Preferably an enchanted battle axe with +2 flames of chaos.

(But seriously smash that like button. Smash the shit out of it.)

That's all I had to say, really. Hope your weekend's goin' good :D

Like, barbariantastic level good.



I never win shit like this so, I dunno, it's kinda cool :)

This dude Sidekick Quests on Twitter did a custom art piece for me for helping spread the word about his comic on twitter because I was the random winner drawn from a hat. Here's his twitter: https://twitter.com/SidekickQuests

And here's the artwork- a Ray Harryhausen style Kali!


I don't know if you can tell, but Ray Harryhausen has been a major influence on me.... and Kali-type figures definitely haven't appeared in any of my stuff... at all....


Heh heh....


Ragnarok is here!

2017-01-01 23:38:13 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian

If you haven't checked it out yet and you're bored late at night you should totally watch Crypt Shyfter Ragnarok! It's got a crazy epic paper cut out fight scene ;p


Here we go 2017!

To kick off the New Year we're starting fresh with a brand new video! My first official Newgrounds animation of 2017 is the grand finale of the Crypt Shyfter season 1 story arc- Episode 17: Ragnarok. Check it out, it's under judgement so help decide its fate!

Also, to anyone elected as a Newgrounds monthly voter out there, Episodes 11 and 13 are nominees for the monthly voting award- if you haven't watched them before casting your votes, give 'em a shot ;) I'd love to see one of 'em in someone's top 10!

Happy New Year!!


Final tally...

2016-12-31 16:41:40 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian

It's official- my last video of 2016 has been posted, and the numbers are in!

Final tally:

  • 27 animations posted
  • 28 animations created- next one won't be out until tomorrow but it's finished!
  • 3 trophies- daily 5th, 3rd, and 2nd (I think I can safely say the newest one won't be winning a trophy given the number of incredible submissions today)

Overall not too shabby! Looking forward to 2017. Hoping to double the number of animations posted and let's say triple the number of trophies. Doable? I think so. You can hold me to it if I fuck up ;)

2017 lets gooooooooo!!!

The ultimate showdown of paper cutout heroes

2016-12-30 12:27:37 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian

Episode 16 is ready to roll out but this week I've been busting my ass (literally, I haven't gotten out of this chair in days and my tushy is killing me) working on the "season 1 finale." It's not really a season finale I guess since I'm still posting new episodes every week and not taking breaks between "seasons" but if this was a TV series or something this is where the first story arc would end.

Anyway, the reason this one's been so challenging is that I'm creating what I hope will be the most epic paper cut out animation fight scene that has been created so far. (On a side note, if you can find a more epic paper cut out fight scene then please send it my way! I'd love to check it out.)

Episode 17 will be featuring a 2+ minute fight scene featuring dungeons, dragons, heroes, swords, and magic. It's a little over halfway done now and it's equal parts epic, hilarious, and tragic.

I'm super pumped to share this one with you, I put more time into this episode than almost all the other ones put together, so I hope you enjoy it :)

See you on Sunday for Episode 16 of Crypt Shyfter, and then next week for the greatest paper cut out fight scene in history!

(Edit) Just kidding I can't wait a whole week to show that episode, so episode 16 is posting today and 17 will be online Sunday :D