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Yo! The beta for Moonbright is up now. Shoot me a message if you'd like to test the game- I'll add you to the credits once everything is set to go. I'm planning on posting the game July 5th, so jump in now if you wanna have enough time to play and get your name in the credits before it goes live to everyone else :D

I'll be posting my new text adventure Moonbright tonight for to beta testers. It's a much more complex game than Frostfall, so I'm sure there are errors.

A few things I'm looking for:

  • typos
  • weird code symbols that show up where they shouldn't, like {{ ]] << / , etc
  • broken links or ERROR messages
  • links that lead somewhere that makes no sense, or you get stuck in a loop and can't escape
  • if you buy something, pick up gold, or increase a stat, does that show up properly in your inventory?

​I've played through everything myself about a hundred times and done my own testing, so I'm fairly confident I caught most of the errors, but there are always things that slip through- i haven't been able to try every permutation of the game, so I'm betting something weird and unexpected will happen somewhere, triggered by some side quest you take as a certain class or race.

If you'd like to beta test my new game, please send me a message or let me know in the comments!

Beta testers will be credited- as a beta tester, the game will show up on your userpage under My Games- so if this game gets any awards, you get those awards too! Frostfall was frontpaged, got fantastic reviews, and won 3rd place daily- let's see if we can do better this time together!

<3 kfsb

I really thought it would take me a lot longer to make Moonbright since it's a much more complex game, but thanks to Frostfall it isn't taking nearly as long as I expected. I've mainly just had to write the story bits- almost all of the code was able to be transferred from Frostfall, so there have only been a few instances where I've needed to make totally new code.

The whole reason Frostfall took as long as it did was because I was both writing the story and learning the code, because I had no idea what Twine could do.

But now that I'm getting more comfortable it's just a matter of copying/pasting relevant bits of code from one game to the next. I wouldn't be surprised if Moonbright is finished this week :)

I've got all the "side endings" finished, so I'm just working on the grand finale ending now- basically, the ending you'd get to if you do all the side quests and all that stuff.

I'm even more excited to share this one than I was to share Frostfall! Moonbright is eeeeeepppiiiiiiiiiiiccccccc!!!


I wanted to share this image.

I've been working on Moonbright and I knew going in it would be significantly more complex than Frostfall, but I just saw this side-by-side comparison and even I'm pretty surprised at the difference.

Both images are composed of dots that represent the game passages, as well as their branching pathways (choices). As you can see, Frostfall had several options, but for the most part the game was very linear- I mean, it was basically an adventure through a cave. You didn't have too many options other than to go on through the cave.

But Frostfall is bigger. You don't start in a cave, you start in a town. Right off the bat, you're given 3 completely different choices to start the game. Before the MAIN QUEST even begins, you've already got 3 small adventures that will be totally unique each time you play through because all 3 quests don't link up in any way. And within THOSE quests are other smaller branching subquests!

I haven't even gotten to the main quest of the game yet and this game is already branching all over the place. Moonbright is going to be freaking epic- a text adventure RPG on a scale you've never seen before. I'm so excited to share this game with you guys, but I have a lot of work ahead of me!

This ones a big'un.



PS yes flimflamophobia I'm still working on the animations too ;)

That's the most views I've had on anything ever :)

You guys and gals are the best players a virtual Dungeon Master could ask for! Moonbright is going to kick so much ass!!

Frostfall v1.1

2017-06-27 08:02:36 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian

Updated Frostfall to fix a few bugs and added fullscreen mode so you don't have to scroll anymore. If you haven't played it yet, check it out here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/695371

It's a good ole' fashioned fantasy text adventure with some Crypt Shyfter style artwork. Go forth and be a badass!


You kicked the shit out of the Frozen King, now it's time to kick ass again!

Play as the original Barbarian, Spellslinger, and Shadow or try your hand at three brand new classes: Shaman, Templar, and Mystic.

Step back into the shoes of a badass paper cutout hero in Crypt Shyfter: Moonbright! It's an all new fantasy text adventure set in the Crypt Shyfter universe.

Coming soon......

Thank you!! :D

I'm so excited for this game and extremely happy with how it turned out. I know I can do even better on the next one- I think I'll step it up and make it a side-scroller or top down RPG instead of straight text. Game development isn't something I'd played around with before now but I really like it :)

Crypt Shyfter: Frostfall

2017-06-22 18:45:16 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian



I finished my first game!

Of course right now I’m kinda like “Aw shitfucker! Pen & Paper Assassin beat me to the punch! That game was awesome and literally just got released so everyone’s gunna think I copied off that. Plus it was so freaking well-made! How the fucknuggets can I compete with that??”

So it goes.

That was a damn cool game and I’m super jealous of some of the mechanics in that bad boy, so congrats to @blobzone for making such a fucking awesome game.

But anyway, back to Frostfall...

It’s a quirky little text adventure based on my Crypt Shyfter series. You get to take on the role of a paper cut-out hero who fights monsters and Shyfters using a variety of weapons and magic items :]

Ya’ll know how big a Dungeons & Dragons geek I am- well, this is my chance you be your Dungeon Master without actually sitting down at a table and playing D&D with you!

I made the game using Twine (awesome program, I highly recommend it for anyone thinking of making a text adventure game) and tried to push everything to the limits. I’ve never made a game before, but it was so much find finding ways to break the game and trying to patch together something that not only worked, but also resembled D&D in a simplified format.

You have a few basic stats and a couple items to start with, then depending on what choices you make and which items you have, you’ll get a few different options later in the game.

Dice rolls using your stats throughout the game make for a totally unique experience each time you play through, even if you take the exact same path. This is because a poor roll, unlike in D&D, leads to “something bad happens” as opposed to “you miss, nothing happens.” That means if you ran across the icy bridge and didn’t fall last time because you rolled an 18, you can still get a new experience by running across the same bridge in the next game and rolling a 1, resulting in your character falling into the icy water and being swept away instead of reaching the other side of the bridge.

I tried to limit the “instant death” options that seem to be common in a lot of text games. You know, like: “do you go left or right?” Left. OOPS TOO BAD MOTHERFUCKER THERE’S A FUCKING T-REX THAT RIPS YOUR HEAD OFF HAHA DUMB BASTARD WHY THE FUCK DID YOU GO LEFT WHAT AN IDIOT!

I hate that fuckin’ crap so I left it out of the game. Mostly.

You only die if you lose all your HP or actively try to die by clicking funny OBVIOUS death links like “Ignore the narrator and stay in the freezing cold to die” or “Just give up fighting and let them kill you.”

I also had a blast creating all the artwork for the game so I hope you enjoy that, too :D

Give the game a shot and let me know what you think. Maybe we can play real D&D together someday!

<3 kfsb


DIY arcade cabinet

2017-06-21 16:48:46 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian

just wanted to share some progress pix! i've been building an arcade cabinet at this woodshop my wife works at over the last few weekends. should finish up the woodworking tonight, then i'll be painting it, adding art, and putting buttons and joysticks on it. super pumped to play my steam collection on an arcade machine - even if its just my PC in an arcade shaped box hahah

the cabinet is full sized but right now it's in two pieces sitting side by side. that should make transporting it home a bit easier. it's got a cabinet at the bottom to store the tower, as well as a few shelves for the few physical games i have and my collection of D&D books and minis. this will be my nerd shrine