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happy Madness day!

2017-09-22 07:34:57 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian

Here's my short little contribution:


Looking forward to seeing the others!

Our tribe of badasses continues to grow

2017-09-21 10:31:39 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian

I want to thank everyone who's followed along on these crazy adventures since the beginning, but every day it seems like a few more badasses join our ranks, so I thought now would be a good time to share some fun little "about" posts.

Feel free to right click any of the links below and open 'em up in a new tab to read through each one. You can think of this post as a choose-your-own-adventure article ;)

First thing's first: if you're new around these parts, start here. This will give you a quick rundown of who we are and what we do around here. (Hint: we're a group of total badasses and we have a lot of fun going on wacky adventures!)

The next thing you're probably wondering is who the hell am I?

This is me. I'm this guy:


Finally, what the hell is this Crypt Shyfter crap I keep seeing and why should I care about games that don't have any graphics??

That should cover the basics.

If you can get onbaord with all that, then welcome to the tribe! There are plenty of adventures ahead, and we're thrilled to have you along for the journey.

And to all you old pros out there: let's keep this thing going! RAAAAHH!!

And of course, none of this would be possible without Newgrounds. Consider becoming a supporter today!


Check out this incredible artwork by the king of badasses himself, Hankerin Ferinale from Drunkens & Dragons and Runehammer Games! This will be the cover art for one of my upcoming Crypt Shyfter games.... and it'll be the quintessential "kung fu space barbarian" game, as you can see :D

So freaking badass, thanks again Hank! If you've never watched any videos on Drunkens & Dragons you can see them all here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCh5vto8JFstb9Sma9zV25g

It's my all-time favorite YouTube channel and inspiration for so many of my games, so I highly recommend it! :)


name a character!

2017-09-18 11:23:36 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian

I've got three heroes in my next game who need names- a Barbarian, a Spellslinger, and a Shadow. Send me your names- the first three people to submit a name will be added to the game.

With the caution that they need to be story appropriate names. Something like Krogar the Barbarian would be accepted, but Barbarian McBarbarianFace would not, so while I and our fellow tribe members will get a chuckle out of your silly submissions, don't expect to see those in the game.

Make your mark on the next Crypt Shyfter game!

update: (We have our three heroes! Samuel the Spellslinger, Jinx the Shadow, and Clack the Barbarian will feature in the new Halloween Spooktacular game. Thanks guys!)


2017-09-17 13:48:55 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian

Starting a new adventure is always exciting. I've got a blank canvas in front of me and my head is full of all these crazy ideas.

This next Crypt Shyfter game will be a little different than normal, since it's an entry for the Newgrounds 2017 Spooktacular event. It's going to be much darker than the previous games.

I'm excited to probe into the inner depths of my imagination to create something truly terrifying...


The newest Crypt Shyfter game is online now! Be the first to play it here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/699298

5581901_150542282181_samuraibull.jpgThe game features some awesome music by 

And super cool cover art by @Butzbo


Thanks to everyone involved in the making of this game! Hope you guys all enjoy it :)

Frostfall, Moonbright, and Mon Magma were all my first learning experiences with Twine. As a result, they look pretty ugly. Lots of scrolling is required and the text just sorta shows up all over the place. I've started to find my groove with Vortex and Dreadnaughts, so I think it's time to clean up the older games.

Another uniquie thing about Frostfall is that the game had artwork. Unfortunately I'm a n00b and that artwork all broke at some point, so now that I have a better grasp on things I'm hoping I can get the artwork back into the game too.

You won't need to scroll and there'll be some silly paper cutout style cartoons to keep you entertained while you play. I still have a long way to go, but Frostfall 2.0 should be online sometime over the next couple weeks.


Rey is badass!

2017-09-14 09:20:28 by KungFuSpaceBarbarian

Having some fun with paper cutout shapes, particles, and the glow tool in after effects. It's Rey from Star Wars The Force Awakens about to kick some serious ass! Really hoping we don't see a Kylo Ren redemption arc... nobody wants that shit. Kill that bastard, he murdered Han Solo, he doesn't deserve a Zuko style redemption arc after that


And they're invading Newgrounds very soon...

It's a brand new Crypt Shyfter game! It'll be here before ya know it, but for now check out this awesome cover art by @butzbo - it's a Dreadnaught!

And make sure you keep refreshing the page this week, because Crypt Shyfter: Dreadnaughts will be online soon!


I'm gearing back up to start animating again so I can finish up the last few episodes of Crypt Shyfter. I don't know what it is, but something about this time of year makes me want to animate again. I always seem to drop off in the summer, but then as the weather turns chilly I'm ready to make cartoons.

So I've got those last couple episodes of Crypt Shyfter to do, but once those are done I was toying with the idea of doing a Crypt Shyfter spinoff series with heavy input from you guys. Idk how realistic that would be or how much interest there is, but I'd do a new episode every week or every other week and at the end the characters would be faced with a multiple choice problem, and you as the audience would vote on what they should do next.

I'm not sure if that would work but I think it could be really fun. People could leave comments and suggestions for future adventures and we could do some really wacky shit, but it would all be directed by the choices you guys make, just like the games are.

I'm thinking about it. I'm on vacation in a cabin in the woods so I have plenty of time to think at the moment.

<3 kfsb